Who we are

Ahhh, the neighborhood pub. The place you took your kids to have their first real big kids meal. It’s the place that dad and grandpa took you for your first adult beverage. You probably had your first date there. Many of us met our spouses there as well.

When your team won their game, you all went there to celebrate. When you got your head around the idea that you’ve meet the one, that’s the place you went to show them off and introduce them to your friends. When your friends and family came into town, you took them there to taste the local flavor.

At lunchtime, you always knew that you could be in and out in time to get back to work with a belly full of great specials that you ‘d always tell your co-workers about.

It’s never gonna be the place that you see in TV commercials.

It’s always going to be the place that remembers your name as well as the names of your spouse and your kids; Because that is what we care about. It’s because that’s who we are.

We’re the reason that you come out when you’re happy or when you’re down; we’re your friends and neighbors and we’re always there!

Welcome Home.

Azmi – Owner
Growing Up in Loudoun County, Az (to his friends) was brought up w/ an understanding of what keeps a clientele loyal; instilled in him by his parents. His parents Ronnie & Ariavni (the owners of the former “Uncle Abe’s”) taught him that it’s always more important to keep your customer happy than to look at the profit margin. Community responsibility led him to launch the Spanky’s sober ride program. A philanthropist to the end, Az sponsors numerous local athletic teams in the region as well as countless charitable endeavors throughout the year.